Pavla Ryšavá

Anna Todorová

Helena Šimíková

Martina Komínková

Flautas de Colores is a recorder quartet from Brno and its history begun in the year 2010. Its members are Pavla Ryšavá, Helena Šimíková (nee Smékalová), Anna Todorová and Martina Komínková who is also artistic director of the ensemble.

Our repertoire includes compositions form middle age, renaissance, baroque, some are also written in modern genres (e.g. minimalism, jazz or folklore) and part of the repertoire also includes many interesting arrangements (e. g. David and Goliath from J. Ježek or Take five from P. Desmonde).

Our goal is to show that recorder can be an instrument for professionals. During concerts, the four players alter between all sorts of recorders, from sopran recorders to bass recorders. Ensamble is characteristic by its lively performance, not beeing afraid of improvisation nor adding other elements such as singing.

Joy and playfulness on one side, concentration on the other, for even silence could have its place and the listener could after concert leave with a pleasant enjoyment.

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